Commercial vs. Fine Art

Over the past thirty-seven years I have worked for ad agencies, Fortune 500 companies, industry, and architectural firms all over the U.S. and some in Canada. Recognized as a photographer by many clients, I have also established a strong client base in the area of graphic design. Over the years, the two disciplines have coexisted very well resulting in a strong body of work both commercially and artistically.

In the world of art, working both sides of the creative fence as I do is certainly nothing new. For centuries, artists have sold their services to various entities to produce work that falls into the category commonly referred to as "commercial work".

For the fine artist it has always been a relationship of conflicting passions. In order to finance and create the work of the soul it is sometimes necessary to produce work based on the needs or requirements of others. The difficulty that befalls the artist in this scenario is being able to retain enough of his insight, vision and personal satisfaction in the process yet producing a solution that is first and foremost one that satisfies his clients requirements. Being able to do that depends primarily on the ability to communicate and work well with a broad range individuals with varying degrees of knowledge and sophistication. The outcome of this relationship has resulted in work that I am extremely proud of and my clients appreciate as the creative solutions to their communication needs.

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