A Series

Aerial landscapes have always particularly intriguing to me and that idea is the basis for this series. The concept behind this series really began in the mid 80's as quick sketches as I was flying while on photo assignments. My thought then was perhaps of returning to my pre-photography days and rekindling my hard edge painter and printmaker days. Like all great ideas some are destined for execution some go to the back burner. It wasn't until 2005 when flying into and over the topography San Francisco Bay that I was again so excited enough about the concept of these earlier ideas that they finally came off the back burner and I started to working in this direction once again. My "sketches" today come about through the use satellite imagery to capture a segment of an earth view, defining my own composition. I recreate that image as a vector drawing where colors, color saturation and interactions can be altered very specifically to my satisfaction. The process and outcomes are more akin to printmaking. I am just beginning to utilize the techniques I have developed through this series to work on ground based landscapes, those will come later.

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My trips to Wales has given me a new perspective on the color green. Green in this part of the world approaches maximum saturation to the point that its hard to believe green can be that green and in so many shades. I fell in love with this country where everywhere you look there seems to be the perfect composition waiting to be captured. This is by far my largest gallery even after I was merciless in my editing and elimination of images.

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A Study in Black & White

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The Alcatraz Series

Two Days on the Rock

I am quite taken with subtile beauty of light and texture to be found in the abandoned leavings of mankind and their interactions with light. This interest has been a primary focus of my work since my early days as a student photographer. Now some 40 years later I am still drawn to these subjects, it is my quest for Wabi Sabi. My memories of these places, the feelings, the atmosphere even the smells are always with me. Once I have captured those moments they become a part of who I am. It pleasures me even more to be able to share these moments with others who are able to see beyond the perceived ugliness to appreciate the beauty found there.

This series of images of Alcatraz Island was long in coming as this place was on my "want to do" shot list for years. The incredible range of colors and textures combined with the superb light in the San Francisco Bay area make this place called Alcatraz a visual delight. Unfettered access to the places pictured here is not any easy thing to obtain and required special permission to do so. In what I contend was a pure act of synchronicity, an individual with the power to grant that access walked into my studio in Henderson, KY and within a month I was shooting on Alcatraz Island.

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The White on White Series

As the series title indicates, I have explored the use of a white object photographed on pure white background materials utilizing only one soft light source. The resulting grey scale that is born of this approach is what gives each image the impact, depth and three dimensional quality that was my goal.

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Just for Fun

Experimentation in technique and creative play is the primary intent of the work in this gallery. As a technically proficient photographer and graphic designer with a strong background in Photoshop I like to continually push the possibilities of my imagery. What you see here is an evolution of process that combines the newly developed digital processes with many techniques learned during my early history as a painter and printmaker.

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The Mark of Great Art - Views from The Maker's Mark Distillery Loretto, KY

This exhibition was created and developed by Maker's Mark Distillery of Loretto, KY. The exhibition had well over 100 Kentucky artists who submitted their works for consideration in this prestigious exhibition.The final juried exhibition features work by 54 Kentucky artists. Each featured artist was chosen by jury to participate in the project based on a portfolio submission of their work along with an artists' statement and personal bio. The exhibition which opened at the distillery in Loretto, KY was also seen in shows in Louisville and Lexington, KY as well as New York, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco in the US and in London and Madrid. Shown here are the two pieces that represented me in the exhibition as well as in exhibitions in New York City and in San Francisco .

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The Frank G. Schmitt Series

This series of images were created for an invitational exhibition featuring the work of 8 regional photographers who were asked to submit 5 cohesive images for the exhibition.

My images, shot especially for this exhibition were taken in one of the oldest structures in Henderson, KY, the Frank G. Schmitt building. The building recently sold at auction and the day that I shot here was the day that all the interior contents were to be sold at auction as well. I spent 2 hours shooting what I found and as I found it. I ended the 2 hours with approximately 20 images from which I had to choose five for this exhibition.

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The Shawneetown Bank Series

Shawneetown Bank, located in Old Shawneetown, Illinois is the oldest structure in the state of Illinois built specifically as a bank. The cornerstone was laid on August 3, 1839 and the four-story Greek Revival stone and brick structure opened for business in 1841. The bank closed its doors in 1942 and was deeded to the State of Illinois.

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The Shaker Series

The images in this gallery were taken at the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, KY. This visual series is just a part of a number of images collected while on one of my Blue Highway Series road trips. They were collected on a week long road trip on the backroads of Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

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The Concert Collection

As a Bluegrass in the Park committee member, it's my responsibility to photographically document the festival with my camera. In this capacity I have been fortunate to have met some of the greats in Bluegrass music which have performed on our stage. Most of these galleries are Bluegrass related but I have included other musical stage performances as well.



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